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This is the Official website for the White Bird Chamber of Commerce!  We represent the businesses and organization in White Bird, Idaho, and welcome visitors and travelers to our  small town – big on hospitality and outdoor recreation.

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White Bird Chamber of Commerce is an all volunteer organization to help showcase our businesses, the White Bird community, events, and provide lodging and recreation information to visitors, travelers and those planning a relocation to the area.

If you operate a business in White Bird Idaho, you might want to spend a small annual amount to support the endeavors of the White Bird Chamber of Commerce and gain widespread exposure from the search engine optimized website that you’re reviewing now.

Review some of the BENEFITS of joining the White Bird Chamber of Commerce

  • Generate more exposure for your business.
    Your business, contact information, website link, promotional content and photos will be posted on our Business Directory page.  Promotional content includes your logo and description of what you do, what service or product is available through your business. The White Bird Chamber volunteers will post your information in the Business Directory under the appropriate category.

 A big benefit of membership in the White Bird Chamber for businesses with their own website is that a link will be placed in their page on the Member Directory page…..this leads to improved prominence in the Googles and Bings of the world – website search and ranking!   Search engines love link popularity and your website will benefit as more websites link back to your site.

Of course we hope you will reciprocate with a link back to

  • Support your local community.
    Every community benefits from collective support and volunteer help for the variety of activities that make White Bird a friendly, western town, big on hospitality!  Celebrate the spirit of community by joining the White Bird Chamber.  Help to welcome visitors by providing information when travelers are passing through or have made White Bird their destination for fun and adventure.
  • Contribute articles and photos.
    Do you have a story and photos to contribute to the White Bird Chamber News Blog about White Bird or how your business came to be in White Bird?   History of White Bird Idaho?  Family members who send an article about their visit to White Bird?  Writers are needed.  If you enjoy writing and would like to post your articles on the website, send an email to us.  Chamber members can also embed a link back to their website for more prominence in the Googles and Bings of the world.   Search engines love link popularity and your website will benefit as more websites link back to your site.  Of course we hope you will reciprocate with a link back to
  • Share your community with others through Social Media.
    Did you know White Bird, Idaho, has a Facebook Fan Page?   Join the social media community by visiting our FACEBOOK PAGE and LIKE us.   Its a fun way to keep connected to whats going on in White Bird on behalf of community events and the White Bird Chamber of Commerce.

Current Membership List   (if you don’t see your business listed but are a member in good standing, please contact the White Bird Chamber)

Want to join but don’t see a category that fits your business profile?  Most likely the category exists, but there are no members fitting that category.  Guess what?  That means you would be the only member when someone clicks on that category.


Marketing is the most direct way to generate exposure to your business.  If you rely on word of mouth advertising and only get by, consider the benefits of additional exposure for your business by letting people know WHO YOU ARE, AND WHAT YOU DO.  One category is $50 per year for  a full year of exposure.   You won’t get that kind of value in a newspaper.  Your ad may cost a couple hundred dollars, run through one printing, be seen, and then in the trash.

On the flip side, your White Bird Chamber membership provides ONLINE exposure ALL YEAR LONG.   Try it for one year.   What have you got to lose?  Nothing.  Not even $50.  Your 50 skins will work hard for you and will definitely bring exposure for your business, product or service.    You’ll be supporting your local community efforts as well.