The State Bird of Idaho

Mountain Bluebird







Mountain bluebird; Attribution, photo by oldbilluk on Flickr

Did you know this about Idaho’s state bird?

  • The mountain bluebird is found on ranch land and other open areas of the American West
  • The scientific name is Sialia currucoides
  • Designated the official state bird in 1931
  • The female mountain bluebird builds the nest without help from the male
  • Mountain Bluebirds are small thrushes with round heads and straight, thin bills
  • Compared with other bluebirds they are lanky and long-winged, with a long tail
  • Unlike other bluebird species, Mountain Bluebirds often hover while foraging and may also fly from a perch to catch insects
  • Is one of two bluebird species found in the state
  • These are migratory birds often arriving in Idaho in late Feb. or early March; they nest, then migrate south in Sept. or early Oct.
  • It often seeks its food by hovering low over the grass in open fields
  • During the winter, Mountain Bluebirds often gather in large flocks (sometimes by the hundreds) and  sometimes associate with Western Bluebirds
  • Their main diet consists of insects and berries
  • These birds nest throughout Idaho. They like cavities in dead trees and also take well to nest boxes provided by humans
  • Is also Nevada’s state bird

(Information taken from several websites, the “Audobon Field Guide”, and the “Birds of Idaho Field Guide”.  “Slider” photo courtesy of