Idaho County Fair

Hey Ho Come to the Fair!!!

Enjoy all the fun of a county fair (the 85th annual) only a short ride from White Bird in Cottonwood.  Complete details and schedule on the Fair website.  Theme is  “It’s in Our Nature.”  For kids and kids-at-heart.

85th Annual Idaho County Fair

The County Fair

Edwin C. Ranck

Oh, let’s go out to the county fair
And breathe the balmy country air,
And whittle a stick and look at the hosses,
Discuss the farmer’s profit and losses.

We’ll take a look at the country stock
And drink some milk from a dairy crock;
Look at the pigs and admire the chickens,
And try to forget it’s hot as the dickens.

Forget there are any political rings
Just think of the butter and eggs and things;
So wash off the buggy and hitch up the mare,
And we’ll all go out to the county fair.