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White Bird Community Library
245 River Street
PO Box 33
White Bird, ID 83554


When was your organization founded/established?

Where We Started

The library was first housed in the parsonage of the United Methodist Church across the street from its current location. A rental agreement was signed with the church (of the Walla Walla District) in 1999. Due to space constraints, that facility was limited to a basic collection.

In 2004 with donated land, labor provided by board members and their spouses and the support of the community, the facility moved to its present location next to the White Bird Post Office.


Describe your organization.  What products or services do you provide?  Do you have a business slogan or motto?

Book Selection

The White Bird Community Library is an all-volunteer library serving White Bird for over 20 years providing a comprehensive resource of reading materials for adults and youth. Our staff consists of 15 volunteers, and we serve patrons within the town of White Bird and the surrounding area.

The White Bird Community Library is a key provider of reading materials (books, magazines, newspapers and other materials of local, historical interest). We have quite an extensive offering of Northwest and Idaho history.

The library also has a computer available for use. Residents can create documents, spreadsheets and other files; and they can also access the internet for such online activities as paying bills, checking emails, purchasing airline tickets and researching health-related issues. Some of our patrons have even taken classes online using our computer.

We also have a laser printer for your printing needs (for a nominal fee). Unfortunately, we do not provide fax services at this time.

Book Selection

What is it that you want area residents and visitors to know about your business?

We draw funds from very few sources. Our limited income maintains our physical plant, pays for the utilities and internet services and purchases needed supplies to run the library. The internet is a big expense; we provide 24/7 access to the town. That is why fundraisers are so important.

We have two major sources of income to support this library. One is the sale of “Duck Derby” (raffle) tickets in association with White Bird Days, held each June on Father’s Day weekend. People buy tickets and hope their duck will be drawn from the “pond.”

The other is the sale of a community calendar. Our calendars have been produced since 2000. The calendars provide interesting information about White Bird and Idaho County. They are useful not only to keep track of birthdays, meetings, etc., but each issue provides photos and text of historical significance.

In addition to the Duck Derby and calendar sales mentioned above, we have yard sales and bake sales to supplement our income. These sales and raffles provide much needed additional sources of revenue.

While the White Bird Community Library’s primary user base is the local citizenry, we do have many visitors, especially in the summer months, traveling to this area for the beautiful scenery and outdoor activities. Checking one’s email is important to these travelers, and our library offers crucial internet access to our community’s guests.

What’s an interesting fact about your business that most people don’t know?

Request A Book and New Arrivals

We have received financial assistance in the past through various grants, but we rely primarily on the generosity of our library users to help us defray costs.

Our two big fundraisers are the Duck Derby during White Bird Days in June and the sale of our community calendar.

There is no charge for using our library. We do not issue “library cards.” We ask for a name, address and phone number to place in our registration book just in case we need to contact you about library materials you have in your possession.

We have a nice selection of books for sale for $.25/piece. We place duplicate copies on the sale shelf as well as books that have been culled. We are constantly going through our materials and removing/replacing books due to limited space.


What do you most enjoy about doing business in White Bird?

Local/Idaho History Section

The people of White Bird have always been very generous in their support of the library. From donations to buying raffle tickets to purchasing calendars—and donating books, the community supports us.

For example, a few years back it we needed a new roof. We had a “roof campaign” and with the kind donations from the town and our own efforts with raffles, sales, etc., we were able to raise almost three thousand dollars to have a new shingling laid and a new skylight installed.

Local merchants have always been willing to support our various enterprises. From taking out ads in our yearly calendar to providing prizes for our events, the businesses support us willingly and generously.


Why are you a Chamber member?  What can the Chamber do to help you?  What has been the most valuable aspect of your White Bird Chamber membership?

Chamber membership gives us a chance to support the Chamber and the good work it does for the community of White Bird. The Chamber has always been most supportive of our library activities. The Chamber provides opportunities for networking and connecting with the other businesses/organizations in town. The Chamber helps to keep small businesses in our local area alive.

The Chamber has been a frequent supporter of the library. In the past we have been among the recipients of proceeds from the Sausage Feed. The Pie Booth, a part of the White Bird Days yearly celebration, has been turned over to us. (Library volunteers man the booth and help solicit pie donations). We now keep all of the earnings. But, even in year’s past, the Chamber generously shared the proceeds with us.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Children’s Section/Meeting Room

Our mission statement:  To provide library access to all residents south of Grangeville City Library and north of Riggins City Library boundaries and to provide educational family and community activities.

We have a room dedicated to the children of White Bird. At one time there were lots of kids making use of the books here and taking part in the various activities prepared for them. At present we sadly do not have many young persons using our facility. But maybe someday that will change.

Many people do not know that the majority of the books in our library have been donated by the people of White Bird. We do have a small budget to purchase books requested by our patrons, but the majority of our books have been given to us.

The White Bird Community Library is a nonprofit entity operated without tax dollars. The volunteer staff run this organization. It is funded by donations and fundraisers.

It is because of the efforts of our volunteers—their time, treasure and talent—that this library stays open and is able to serve the White Bird community. The key to the library’s existence is its community support. Volunteer staff man the library during business hours and also take care of any cleaning needs, grass mowing, leaf raking, etc.

(Article written by Charllotte Hurt, White Bird Community Library Secretary.)